The only thing that is sold on the internet is information.

Let's package your product or service into information, that your clients search for.

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About Us

Marko Factory
is a small team with skills in web development, marketing and design.

We have the technical expertise to build and maintain required solution for you, whether your company just launched, currently expanding or transforming.

  • Do you need an online shop? We can do it!
  • Do you need a website for your services? We can do it!
  • Do you have an existing website and need to rank higher in Google? We can do it!
  • Are you planning to sell online? We can help you!
  • Do you have problems with processing a lot of leads? We can automate the process!
  • Do you have too little or no customers at all? We can help you!

We don't do concurrent projects, so when we make a deal, we put all our time and effort to deliver the best result possible for you.

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A Little History

From snowy Siberia to sunny Montenegro

Marko Factory was founded by Mark Khramko in 2016. During those years our team helped 16 different companies to improve their buiseness in different ways.

We closely worked with clients from Russia, Switzerland and Montenegro. Even though majority of projects are under NDA, you can freely browse our public projects in "Our Works" section.

In 2019 we were incorporated as a limited liability company in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Today, we are ready to help you, no matter where you are located.